Tuesday, January 11, 2011

|[ Inner Feelings ]|

I guess no one comes to this blog anymore, things changed tremendously isn't it? From the time when facebook were nothing, and blogging was everything, almost every single one of us blogs on the net, and now everyone migrated to facebook.

I guess it's the place where I can say my inner feelings then..

January 10th - Now in my own room, with the others going to Heaton for a game of darts, I think I'm going back to my old self... anti-social.. lonely... cool... not really something that I want to, but something my body tend to express, Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde? I don't know... the inner feelings seems to burst out recently. And back in London, I had this feeling... a feeling I've never had for years.... years and years and years... it just made my whole heart sour again.. even until now.

I feel lonely again.. and I feel being let down... not by anyone... but myself... my studies... are just horrible.. There's no exam... there's no evaluation... there's no due dates... but I felt bad. The more I think of it... the more I wish I was all alone in the UK... without any distraction... studying... forcing myself to complete just this one step more...

My legs are getting tired... it's getting heavy... it's getting hopeless..

I just felt like I'm dying.....no... I don't need support from anyone.. it just wouldn't help. I need to fight this myself.

Will be going to the lab at 9am tomorrow...

~ ALL BLACKS ~7:06 am

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

|[ Bday, party. ]|

Hi guys, thanks for coming for my birthday party that day and am sorry if I never speak to you on that day. Was very very busy on that day, so many groups of friends and relative I can hardly keep up. Even now my voice has changed, probably spoke too much crap on that day and shouting at henry for his big boobs -.-".

And also to conclude the shrimp funds, the shrimp funds have gathered a whopping rm548 from friends alone! *shopping for shrimps time! weeee~~~~*

A big Thank You to everyone and also for the special present from each and everyone. Thank you :D

~ ALL BLACKS ~10:49 am

Friday, January 02, 2009

|[ Grievance ]|

Hi guys, been a long time since I last updated this blog. It's been quite dead I know and to signify new changes, the background, layout of this blog has changed :) and also with a changed theme which is Crystal Red Shrimps.

Sadly though due to some tragic happenings, my whole population of crystal red shrimps and malayan shrimps died in my tank, a great loss to me. Very sad for me to see my shrimps die on me.

Crystal Red Shrimps, to many of you are still something unknown. They are shrimps of the neocaridinea species, size of adult is approx 1cm-2cm+ at most and they are freshwater shrimps.
However they are a mutant of their original colour, which is white and black.

Mainly this post is to mourn my shrimps, and also to announce the setup of the Crystal Reds Fund. Following the losses of my shrimps, I've setup this fund, as an alternative for presents on my bday, to get another batch of these shrimps. So guys and girls, if you're having a headache searching for presents, look no further :) just contribute to this fund and I'm more than happy :D

~ ALL BLACKS ~3:33 pm

Thursday, January 01, 2009

|[ A Great Loss... ]|

New Post coming soon

~ ALL BLACKS ~11:50 pm

|[ ]|


~ ALL BLACKS ~10:59 pm

|[ Maori ]|


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